Silicon Valley

Today I’m sitting in one of those cool collaborative work spaces in the Bay Area.  People are coming and going and there are reminders like the one above posted everywhere like mental lily pads guiding my mind across the stream of consciousness that is the blockchain.  There’s a sunny sky and a peaceful breeze blowing through the trees outside.  It’s one of those precious moments of peaceful contentment.  It’s the perfect day for this reflection.

I’m a fighter.  Dad was Irish, his dad was really Irish.  That means there are a couple of things I’m genetically predisposed to enjoy; one is beer (and arguably whiskey) and the other is fighting.  Now I’m not much for fisticuffs but I will seriously shoot you in the face online and then laugh about it.  It’s not my best side but it’s for sure a part of who I am.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my attitude toward technology and the troll that lives under the bridge of my online soul.  He kept me safe–that drunken fighting Irishman–and taught me a lot about the world.  But it’s becoming the time now to hang up some old mittens, pick up the paintbrush, take a vastly different approach, and let the world become an entirely new canvas.  Some people call this a fresh start others call it Spring.  I think I’ll call it maturity.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll still tell the Jabberwock to get rekt when it’s warranted.  A good counterpunch should always be a part of a man’s arsenal.  However, it’s time for the gentler side of the Shrek within my soul to lay down his sword and pick up some keys (maybe even private ones).  For wisdom I’m learning is much more like a key than a murder weapon.

I’m also learning that “winning the internet” is more about love than war. (but don’t you dare call me a hippy because I will end you like Donald Trump is about to end Iran)

Also someone please tell Travis with a K.

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