Aligned Incentives: Meditations at Crypto Con San Diego

Today I’m in San Diego for a cryptocurrency conference.  The weather is beautiful outside it’s a perfect day.  There are people here from all over the world.  Just had lunch.

My pockets are stuffed with business cards.  I hate business cards.  As I write this I’m listening to someone to my left talk about how they “pivoted” their business and created a token for runners…”kinda like Sonic the Hedge Hog”.  I love crypto.

The presenter is having problems with the audio.  It’s an awkward Friday afternoon.  I’m loving it!

Aligned Incentives

Why Blockchain?  It’s a simple question and sometimes I wonder how many people in this room and in crypto have taken the time to really ask it.  I’m asking it right now.

The project I’m working on is noble.  There are big ambitions which is why it’s worth my time.  I’m a sucker for Noble and Ambitious.  However, I’m also a realist.

Millennials are some of my favorite people.  I love their hope and willingness to rethink the world.  Technology is like the Marijuana and Free Love of this generation. just dropped their video.  I wonder if they’ve spent as much time on their pitch and multimedia (which is impressive) as they have on the fundamentals of their business model and technology.  (Why blockchain?).

Anyway, back to Aligned Incentives.  Perhaps one of the strongest cases for Why Blockchain?  Is aligned incentives.

People are selfish.  We all want what we want.  I like beer for instance.  I really don’t care about the environment if I’m honest.  Sorry.  I’m not proud of that…just being honest for the sake of this point.

Aligned Incentives means that if figured out a way to get me my favorite craft beer like dollar shave club figured out razors, I’d be all about EarthCycle Coin…because I like beer, and they also had a cool video, but it would be more about the beer.

The power of aligning incentives on the blockchain is simple.  It means that an Irish jerk like me (think younger less angry Archie Bunker) with more regard for the stout at lunch than the beautiful blue sky hanging over this auditorium, could have joined the noble ambitions of to preserve that beauty for generations, if they’d only figured out how to get me that Stout at a discount and maybe also add drone delivery…also let’s make it on demand like Uber.

See No Beer (Misaligned Incentive)

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