Are Zombies the Cure for Scalability Woes? Only in Wonderland

Even drink napkins speak to me about Crypto (I need a Therapist)

Last year in October (2017) CryptoKitties exploded onto the Ethereum MainNet.  The viral success of the blockchain game that breeds digital kittens almost crippled the network.  It’s been written about a ton already so I won’t retell the story here.  After all I want to talk about Zombies.

Here’s a link to a good write up on how the Ethereum Community addressed the crisis.

As I’ve said before Scalability continues to be one of the main areas of focus for developers and entrepreneurs in 2018.  The blockchain is good for many things but throughput is not one of them.

Enter Zombies.  Loom Network’s ZombieChain (article here) is one offering tackling the scalability issue in hopes that the next CryptoKitties doesn’t end the world.


I don’t know, some people really hate @realDonaldTrump.  Time will tell I suppose; Casper is on the way and Plasma and sharding and DAGS and, and, …n.  Makes me think of this SuperLotto sign in front of the San Diego Convention Center.  (Seriously, I need a Therapist)

For those inclined here’s the 2014 Pegged Sidechains Paper


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