I’m an Expert

2018 World Blockchain Conference – Rome (they called me an expert)

It’s taken a lifetime but I’ve found my calling.  When I was a kid I locked my Art Teacher in the art supply room during class.  I left him in there for several minutes even fending off other kids in class who wanted to let him out.  I never liked that art teacher.

I’ve always been disruptive and for most of my life it’s gotten me in trouble.  I’m sure that will continue to be the case.  However, I’m finding that one of my greatest weaknesses was actually a strength all along waiting for the right time and place.

Disruption is a necessary part of innovation.  Technologists understand that disruption pays dividends and that’s why VC’s clamor for early rounds in the next Uber, PayPal, Amazon, Tesla, etc.

Now we’re entering a time when the next wave of disruption has a chance to actually change the world and make it better for the little guy.  Unlike Uber who took a win/win and made it a win/lose.  My hope is that blockchain and cryptocurrency projects will take notes from previous eras of technological innovation and the disruption that inevitably follows, and be better.  This was Satoshi’s vision of the future and we should strive to achieve a better outcome for a planet rapidly changing, a population exponentially growing, and a financial system woefully inept at servicing the needs of everyone in just, transparent, and equitable ways.

It’s time to lock the art teacher away and let the kids reimagine the world.  I’m willing to do the work to make way for that even if it means I have to disrupt class itself.  My resume goes way back in that regard.

Now they call me “Expert”.  😉

How about you?