1.  identify and remove errors from (computer hardware or software).
    “games are the worst to debug”
  2.  detect and remove concealed microphones from (an area).
  3. remove insects from (something), especially with a pesticide.


Cryptocurrency Mining in 2018

There’s a lot to consider when you dig into the subject of cryptocurrency mining.  For developers this seems to be a topic of increasing importance.  Why? Read this article from a blockchain developer who jumped into the world of mining, for a bit. The State of Cryptocurrency Mining – Sia Blog The original Medium post […]

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Inclusion: How ICOs are making the world a better place for stupid people everywhere.

The ICO boom we’ve witnessed over the past year has created widespread access for retail micro-investors to participate in exclusive early stage capital formation rounds.  This is significant and it’s why ICOs are so popular because everyday morons like me can play in a game that—by law—I’ve been excluded from playing in for years.  It […]

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