moment; plural noun: moments
  1. a very brief period of time.
    “she was silent for a moment before replying”
    • an exact point in time.
      “she would always remember the moment they met”
    • an appropriate time for doing something; an opportunity.
      “I was waiting for the right moment
    • a particular stage in something’s development or in a course of events.
      “one of the great moments in aviation history”
  2. importance.
    “the issues were of little moment to the electorate”

The Zen of Chuck

What can I say?  I want the world to know I love Charles Hoskinson.  Here’s Chuck and Rob Viglione of ZenCash chatting about their collaboration and the implementation of IOHK’s Treasury Framework into ZenCash. Here’s the recently released IOHK Whitepaper

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John McAfee: A Touching Moment…Wahhh?

Spent some time this afternoon with Mr. McAfee.  What can I say?  This is one of the most fatherly talks I’ve heard since #cryptoDad dropped his testimony in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. Maybe someday I’ll get to buy John a beer. His Kung Fu is strong.

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Jeremy Rifkin: Third Industrial Revolution

This is an important talk, especially if you want a peak into the future thinking of influencers like Rifkin who’s day job is to travel around the world and meet with policy makers. What does this have to do with Cryptocurrency? A lot actually.  Give it a click to find out. Jeremy Rifkin

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Charles Hoskinson | IOHK/Cardano Tax Evasion, Crypto, and the PBOC

Charles Hoskinson is the resident professor here in Wonderland.  I’m linking to a talk he did that covered Cardano’s goals for Africa.  In the Q&A he launches into an interesting moment describing how a state could use blockchain to basically control and monitor just about every detail of your financial life.  In his view that’s […]

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