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YouTube is full of content on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain development.  Here’s my list of people I frequently watch.  These are needles in the haystack.

@ummjackson on Twitter.  I just watched Jackson’s video on Directed Acyclic Graph’s (DAGs).  When I find people who have mastery and know how to fast track me I want to reach out through the internet and squeeze their cheeks and sing Hallelujah.  I’ll probably be spending a lot of time with Jackson–online anyway–it would probably be weird if we met and possibly traumatic for him.  Cheek squeezing Hallelujah singing strangers are everyone’s IRL nightmare.

@Nicholas_Merten on Twitter.  Nicholas is a cryptocurrency Technical Analysis wizard.  If you’re into the cryptocurrency market Nicholas is doing a good non-shilly job covering the market.

@DecentralizedTV on Twitter.  If you have issues with reading the crypto news why not let this crazy Korean guy do it for ya?  Peter Saddington puts out more news bits than any other YouTuber in crypto.  He also runs which is a forum primarily focused on trading and cryptocurrency news.